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The leather cowboy hat has been a fashion industry staple for countless years. It is unequivocally the most distinguished, yet recognizable piece of headwear known all over the world. For ages, a leather cowboy hat has been synonymous with the persona of a cowboy. Such was the impact of this leather cowboy hat on the overall outlook of the hardworking man that he made a name for himself because of that particular piece of attire.

Interestingly, the old western movies starring Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford played a significant role in making leather hats a standard everyday fashion piece in North America. Today, leather cowboy hats are gaining popularity with both men and women, who wear them casually, at fairs and festivals, parties and at events where people dress up as their favorite western movie characters.

Traditionally, leather cowboy hats are made from cowhide leather, but today leather cowboy hats can be made from all kinds of leathers including buffalo and bull hide. You can even get leather cowboy hats made from kangaroo leather.

A leather cowboy hat is much more than just a fashion piece. Wearing a western leather cowboy hat brings a sense of belonging. Leather cowboy hats are even seen as protection against sun or rain, which explains why the leather hats were more of a tool than an accessory for a cowboy back in the day. For the adventurers, besides the main purpose of protecting the head from heat and cold, the hat’s wide brims act as sun visors, making it one of the many reasons why is it a good idea to invest in a bush leather cowboy hat.

If you're buying a leather cowboy hat for everyday use, then it's best not to go for the cheapest leather cowboy hats there are. It is better to do a little research and pay a little extra to get money’s worth instead of paying half as much for a leather cowboy hat that will crack or fall apart within a few months. For example, Corvus Store offers quality outback leather cowboy hats made from leathers such as oiled cowhide leather, buffalo leather, top grain leather, and leather suede.

Before making a purchasing decision several other factors shall also be considered such as, which type of shape suits your face the most and the size of the brim and crown of the leather hat. All these factors obviously have an effect on your overall outlook, but since this doesn't matter very much if you plan on wearing leather western hats as a style piece, choose your favorite leather cowboy hat from our wide range of leather cowboy hats. Most of our hats comes with a wire brim as well allowing you to shape it the way you see fit.

In the past, leather cowboy hats were symbolic to people of wealth. People who didn't afford them were often looked down upon by the masses. Fortunately, such ideas are a thing of the past, but leather cowboy hats still have that extra something that makes it an ideal accessory for the people belonging to all social statuses. for going out or even just sitting around on a lazy Sunday morning.

Be it a holiday gathering or a lazy Sunday morning, the leather cowboy hats for men from Corvus Store are perfect for every occasion. Not only do our cowhide cowboy hats give you classic western looks, but they also provide perfect amount of protection from sun and rain while being comfortable to wear at the same time. You can make a buying decision without having to give up on whether you're looking for pre-curved leather cowboy hats, leather cowboy hats with wide brims and even leather winter hats because at Corvus Store you get one hat with several features!