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 What is shearling?

To brave the extreme cold, mankind has been fashioning clothes out of animal fur for ages. Sheep has always been an excellent provider of wool which people has been using to make warm clothes for centuries. The best quality shearling comes from young lamb whereas the sheepskin is obtained from grown sheep. The difference between the two lies in their texture. While sheepskin tends to be rougher, in comparison the shearling is not only extremely soft but also incredibly warm. The combination of soft lamb leather on the outside and warm wool on the inside makes a shearling jacket an ideal piece of outerwear for the winters. A shearling is wardrobe staple that is guaranteed to not only keep you warm in harsh cold but also meant to last you for a long time.  creation of garments that will withstand not only very cold temperatures and moisture, but also the test of time. 

Why Buy a Shearling Coat?

What makes shearling jacket an ultimate winter wardrobe essential is the fact that they are not only soft and strong but also the warmest of materials. They come in a variety of designs and colors so you can fit them with your existing wardrobe without having to compromise on your style game. Most importantly, shearling jackets are easy to care for and can last for generations to come.

Shearling coats and jacket are a timeless favorite among both men and women. While they are beautiful and warm, the jackets also come with a hefty price tag. At Corvus Leather we have the perfect solution for that. We have an exquisite collection of shearling coats from where you can buy sheep shearling leather jackets and coats to keep you warm. The coats come with inside wool and upper goatskin leather which serves as a lifetime investment. 

A shearling leather jacket will only be your money’s worth if you carefully choose the right size and fit before making a buying decision. The right kind of leather outer shell is also important. Corvus Store has you covered in this regard. The carefully selected leather along with exquisite stitching makes it a perfect piece of wardrobe to fit your needs during winters. We provide all the information about articles in the listings. The carefully selected leather along with exquisite stitching makes it a perfect piece of wardrobe to fit your needs during winters.

Why buy from CORVUS Leather?

If you have been looking for a shearling jacket for ages but amidst all the options find it hard to decide, we are here to sort it out for you. We provide accurate description with all the features on our articles so the buyer can make an informed decision. The mission of Corvus Leather is to help our customer with an easy buying process of shearling leather Jackets and coats. Not only that, but we may also just sweeten it up with our FREE SHIPPING offers and SPECIAL SALE DISCOUNTS.

Leather material:

Good quality leather is at the HEART of every quality jacket. The best leather for soft texture are either cow or lambskin. Our shearling leather jackets come in lambskin leather to give you that ultimate feeling of warmth and luxury that every jacket wearer long for.

Massive collection:

At CORVUS Leather, we have a huge collection of various colors and designs to fit your needs. There is a design and color for everyone to choose from so that they can easily pair it up with the existing wardrobe pieces.

With a large range of designs, colors and styles along with a clear price, we let our customers explore all the options and make an informed buying decision.